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Engineers' Offset Vices - Cast 
DAWN manufacture and market the most comprehensive range of vices, our 90 years experience in manufacturing vices have gone into design, accuracy, and gripping capacity. DAWN vices are unequalled for quality and value.
Engineers' Offset Vices - Cast
Engineers' Offset Vices - Cast
Offset Standard
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The Dawn Cast Engineers’ Offset Vices have all the features and benefits of our Standard Vice. In addition, the Offset feature provides the facility for holding long vertical work with the full width of the jaws without obstruction from the main body of the vice. They are available in both Standard Cast Iron or Super Grade Ductile Iron which are GUARANTEED AGAINST BREAKAGE. The Super Grade Offset Vices are the jewel in the crown of vices produced by Dawn. They provide positive grip without springing and are ideal for heavy-duty applications. This world class vice which is unique to Dawn is simply the best vice a tradesman can own. Buy this vice and in 20 years you will still have the best vice, plus years of reliable service. This is truly a long lasting grand Australian made vice which you can leave for your children and grandchildren.
Product Codes:
60178, 60180, 60181, 60195, 60196, 60197
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