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Cross Slide Vice Table

Cross Slide Table enables any Dawn Vice to have a Cross Slide capability..

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Engineers Offset Vices - Cast

The Dawn Cast Engineers’ Offset Vices have all the features and benefits of our Standard Vice. In ..

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Engineers Vices - Cast Standard

Our most commonly used vices for workshops and garages...

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Fabricated Engineers Vices

These vices are designed for all heavy-duty work and are manufactured from heavy steel plate. Long..

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Fabricated Engineers Vices - I Range

Manufactured from heavy steel plate, case hardened replaceable steel jaws, replaceable nut, corros..

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Forged Steel Utility Vice

The Dawn Forged Steel Utility Vice is also available with a swivel base fitted to the base. This..

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Machine (Drill Press) Vices - Super Grade - Unbreakable

These vices are made in Australia and are designed specifically for machine shop or tool room use..

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Milling Machine Vices

One of the most popular vices used in workshops, shop floors etc. Used in milling operations, this..

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Multi Function Vice 125mm

Multi Function Vice 125mm..

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Pipe Vice - Chain Type Bottom Screw - Super Grade - Unbreakable

Its sturdy, compact design makes this a very popular plumber’s tool. Equipped with machine cut, ..

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Special Aluminium Soft Jaws

Special Aluminium Soft Jaws..

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WoodWorking Vices

These vices are Australian Made, made from robust castings and are designed with generous jaw area..

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