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FB WHOLESALE ONLY - 25 Year Warranty On Australian Made Vices & Clamps INST
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Safety and Product Guarantee


Dawn products are quality products manufactured to last and are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship. This guarantee is subject to fair and proper usage of the products for the designed application and does not extend to altered, abused or badly worn product or fair wear and tear. Hydraulic units for pipe benders are guaranteed for 12 months. Australian made Dawn vices and clamps have a 25-year warranty against faulty materials and workmanship, does not include wear and tear. To make a claim under the warranty, take the product (with proof of purchase) to the store where you purchased the product. Liability is limited to the replacement of goods.

This warranty is given by Dawn Tools & Vices Pty Ltd ABN 13 616 452 781, 3 Culverlands Street, West Heidelberg VIC 3081. Ph 03 9457 6111, Email: [email protected]


In line with a policy of continuous product improvement, DAWN reserves the right to modify product specifications, and to add and delete products from the range without notice.



  • Use safety goggles - Misuse of vices and clamps can cause serious injury to eyes, hands and other body parts.
  • Always use a vice or clamp of proper size and capacity to hold work object
  • Maintain your balance and prevent slipping
  • Keep tools clean, regularly inspect them for wear and damage, and maintain them.
  • Do not use damaged tool
  • Pull handle towards you, do not push
  • Do not use hammer or extension pipe to tighten handles - this will cause handle to bend
  • To hold down base of vice,use proper size nuts, bolts and lockwashers in all mounting holes
  • Do not unscrew sliding jaw of vice beyond maximum jaw opening
  • Do not use clamps with bent, twisted or cracked frame or screw
  • Do not use clamps with missing or wornout swivel pads on the screw
  • Do not use clamps as a permanent holding devise or to support any scaffolding
  • Do not use clamps to secure loads on moving vehicles as vibrations can cause them to loosen