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Super Precision Milling & Machining Vices
Milling Machine Vices

One of the most popular vices used in workshops, shop floors etc. Used in milling operations, this..

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Angular Machine Vices

The Angular Machine Vice is ideal for application wherein the work piece requires machining at an ..

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Three Way Tilting Vices

This vice provides for 3 axis setting of the work piece required in special milling, drilling, gri..

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Universal Vices

The most versatile of the machine vices, with all degrees of freedom, allows the work piece to set..

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Self Centering Vices

This vice finds application in mass production jobs where the work piece is required to be repeat..

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Sine Vices

High precision one piece vice mounted on to precision hinged bottom plate. Fully hardened and grou..

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Toolmakers Vices

These solid one-piece vices with all steel construction are fully hardened and ground. Precision g..

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